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(Vietnam Travel Times) – The trip today takes us to a village in the highland Vietnam, which is host of Jrai ethnic people, a group of indigenous people with only 140 000 residents remained. The village is in between Kontum and Pleiku, the famous travel destinations for specific ethnic culture in Vietnam.

To a broader understanding of people we are visiting, please note that there are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Your writer of this article belong to Kinh which takes around 85% of nation population.


The Plei Phun village, as well as other villages of Jrai people, follows matriarchy. Without a writing language, they transfer knowledge from father to son by daily conversation only. There is also a way that young men and ladies join sleeping every night at a community house (with very high roof) named Rong house where old men in turns give them knowledge and experience for life.

Pleiphumhighlandvietnam (7)

The Rong house with high top behind is a community house for the village

It’s fantastic to meet them. They have their own language but no problem, smiles can do.

Pleiphumhighlandvietnam (5)

Their house on stilts are great to avoid the danger of wild animals at night. The space under the house is also used for general warehouse and stocking wood for burning as cooking rice and their food.

Pleiphumhighlandvietnam (3)

And also for pigging. These pigs can be sold as they grow up, but mostly are for festivals and parties.

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It seems every house have this kind of animals.

Pleiphumhighlandvietnam (6)

Pleiphumhighlandvietnam (11)

In front of the houses, there are also small houses which are the place for food storage. They will stock all their rice, corn, beans and other in these houses. These small houses should be separated from the main house so in case there is a fire, they still have enough food for eating. and surely they don’t worry about the theft, they are all honest people.

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Please follow next article which we show you the special culture in water sourcing and tomb statue sculpture.


  1. I love the photo of the baby pigs….yay!

  2. A very interesting article on a part of Vietnam I haven’t known before, one reason more for me to wanna go there:)

  3. Sounds like a fascinating community living a very simple way of life 🙂

  4. What a fascinating insight – I love the houses on stilts. Really interesting.

  5. Such an interesting view into the daily lives of the Jrai people. Great article!

  6. Clarissa

    I loved this post!! We are planning a trip to Vietnam this year and couldn’t be more excited about it! Thank you for sharing!

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