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(Vietnam Travel Times) – Some years ago I have taken 12 travel agents from Travelscene to Vietnam to make some inspection. Besides classic hotels, heavenly resosts and heaps of dining places, we have visited the Eco-tour day at Hoian of Mr. Khoa, and we all loved it very much.


About Khoa was a very big story. He has grown up from diffficult days at his poor village that his family is one of the most. Graduating from Danang University, he was back home and has made a legend among the locals. He has persuaded his parents to quit the fishing job that hard-working but low income to change to a newly tourism notion in Vietnam: ecotour. He started his career 3 years before and now has been strong enough to think of further ambitions. And his father has become a captain and his mother become a cook, no more fishing job. The whole family if for Eco-tour day at Hoian.

Hoian ecotour (3)

We have discussed alot the way how he can persuade his parents to follow his “crazy” idea. In order to let a well-experienced-in-fishing father to follow a very new idea is not an ease. Furthermore, this can harm the family economy and they can be hungry one day.

Hoian ecotour (1)

But now his company has been very strong and even is one of the local company that help to supply the local people food after cyclone’s sweeping by.

Let me tell you what a fun day we have experienced. He picked us up at the hotel and drive to Hoian beach. Luckily there was an local boat racing to celebrate the even that Hoian became a national level town and to have a yearly wish of good luck for the fishing job.

This is the whole gang for the Eco-tour day at Hoian.

Hoian ecotour (14)

We experience Cua Dai, the river gate of Hoian river, by a racing on conical boats.

Hoian ecotour (9)

The destination of the race is a net system for local farmer to get fishes from the river.

Hoian ecotour (4)

Along the river are boats with special eyes for local belief in safety.

Hoian ecotour (15)

And other activities from fisherman

Hoian ecotour (2)

We are even lucky to see a local boat racing, a kind of local festival for stimulating the health for more energy for fishing.

Hoian ecotour (13)

Hoian ecotour (12)

That was fantastic atmosphere with the scream and loud sounds from supporters.

Hoian ecotour (11)

The flags for the winners.

Hoian ecotour (10)

We then row to a canal full of water coconuts, with stories of war and local lives.

Hoian ecotour (6)

And a set of meals cooked by parents of Khoa, on the boat.

Hoian ecotour (8)

Thanks Khoa for the great day.

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  1. Loving all these posts on Vietnam! We plan to travel here in next year once we leave Oceania and start travelling in Asia for the next 3 years. Look forward to experiencing all this for ourselves 🙂

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